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About us

Our vision

E-VITA GmbH is a provider of modern technology and innovative processes for the physical disinfection of biological bulk goods.

We stand for sustainable, safe and future-proof agriculture "Made in Germany".

Our contribution to greater sustainability

True sustainability can be disruptive and fundamentally question established processes. The contribution to E-VITA (PLUS) technology is measurable and affects various areas of sustainability:

  • With the use of E-VITA PLUS, the use of nitrogen fertiliser can be reduced
  • E-VITA PLUS treated plants bind an average of 12 dt more CO2
  • The electron treatment itself has a better CO2 footprint compared to conventional seed treatment
  • E-VITA PLUS increases area productivity by an average of 6 dt/ha
  • By dispensing with fungicides, the process contributes to improving the quality of drinking water
  • E-VITA PLUS demonstrably improves soil quality
  • E-VITA PLUS ensures high yields at low prices and thus contributes to food security

Together, we have already achieved a great deal since the technology was introduced:

  • Saved fungicidal seed dressings: approx. 500,000 litres
  • Increased yield through E-VITA PLUS seed: approx. 700,000 dt of grain on the same area
  • Additional CO2 binding of the plants through E-VITA PLUS: approx. 140,000 tonnes of CO2

As of 12/2023

Our mission:

Our mission - Shared success

Shared success

All E-VITA® producers share a willingness to innovate, strategic foresight and the desire to positively change the image of agriculture through the use of sustainable processes. A broad exchange of experience between all users, testing in new crops and large-scale field trials contribute to the joint success.

Press releases:

Saxon Founder Award 2022

Saxon Founder Award

Innovation award modern agriculture

Innovation award modern agriculture

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