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Offer and plants


  • High reliability in continuous operation. 
    For you, this means robust technology for "24/7 production" in your campaign.
  • High energy efficiency, low operating costs and therefore high profitability.
  • Simple operation and handling. 
    Fully automated production starts with just 3 button presses.
  • Service, maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of all components can be carried out on site.
  • Field-proven design consisting of 2 electron sources for applying the demonstrably required effective dose of 12 kGy.
  • Integrated remote maintenance and diagnostics software. 
    E-VITA experts support your production from anywhere in the world via remote connection, thus reducing costs for regular maintenance.
  • Automated production, quality assurance and documentation process. 
    Compliance with verification and documentation requirements and assurance of traceability.
  • Simple on-site connection via plug.
  • The latest E-VITA systems are also available as E-VITA PLUS systems. Ask for the systems with the PLUS.
  • The systems are not subject to any requirements for certification as a pickling station and are therefore free of QSS certification costs and necessary audits.
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Rent, buy or lease

Regardless of whether you only want to rent systems temporarily to treat small quantities of seed, whether you want to optimally prepare the introduction of the technology through your own trials and pilot production or whether you are planning to invest in a future-proof system for your production line, we have the right offer for you.

You can rent or lease E-VITA systems and E-VITA PLUS systems from us for production quantities from 200 tons.


Our system technology is tailor-made for your production, available in various throughput classes and always mobile.


EV 260 (P)

EV 260 (P)


  • 26 tons of grain per hour
  • 2.0 tons of fine seeds per hour


  • 40 foot container
  • Connected load:
    3 x 125 A
  • Area of application: stationary or mobile

Special features:

  • Available as E-VITA PLUS system
  • Available as E-VITA STERIL version with increased performance

Experiences of our users:

"The E- Vita treatment system, which is fully integrated into our modern seed treatment plant in Aschersleben, passed its practical test in its first year. We are particularly pleased that so many of our agricultural customers are joining us on the path to this innovative and sustainable seed protection."

AGRAVIS Ost GmbH & Co. KG from Bülstringen

"Treatment with electrons is not just an alternative,

it's actually the future."

Ceravis AG from Rendsburg


Development partner

The continuous further development of the E-VITA process and E-VITA system technology is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We cooperate with research institutes, mechanical engineers, state institutes and entrepreneurial farmers in Germany.

Our development and research services include:

  • Development and further development of system technology for the E-VITA process
  • Testing and evaluation of E-VITA crops
  • Introduction of the process for new crops and products
  • Development of the process for feed treatment
  • Further development of the E-VITA PLUS process

Source: https://en.e-vita.de/Offer_and_plants

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